Nats 2013 Schedule Announced

The Nats are currently scheduled to start the season on Monday April 1 at home against the Miami Marlins. They will then go on the road for a brief three game road trip with the Reds before returning home to play the White Sox and Braves for six. The highlight of the first month of the season for the Nats is that they don't start with an easy schedule, but it could be a favorable one with a seven game homestand near the end of the month. In total the Nats will play 16 home games to 11 road games in the first month of the season.

There will also be interleague games throughout the season and the Nats first interleague series will be against the White Sox on April 9-11. The second month of the season features many more road trips and the Nats first big test of the season will be from May 13-22 when they play a ten game three city West Coast swing against the Dodger, Padres, and Giants. In June the Nats will have another three city road trip against the Rockies, Indians, and Phillies. the Nats do not have a three team home stand until July 19-28 after the All-Star Break when the Dodgers, Pirates, and Mets come to town.

After that homestand in July the Nats go on a brief five game road trip against the Tigers and Brewers before returning home for another three team homestand against the Braves, Phillies, and Giants. The final month of the season will start off with the Nats third three city road trip. This time against the Phillies, Marlins, and Mets, but then the Nats return home for their only homestand of the final month to play the Phillies, Braves, Marlins over ten days. The Nats then finish the season on the road against the Cardinals and Diamondbacks.

It is an interesting looking schedule that doesn't appear to be too well balanced with when the long road trips and home stands are. The Nats will spend most of the first month at home, but then in the next two months will only play 23 of 55 games at home over the next two months. July and August will feature a fair amount of home games but that will cause the Nationals to spend most of the last month of the season on the road. 

Overall it is hard to say where the tough and weak parts of the schedule are as we have yet to see how free agency will shake out. For all we know right now the Marlins could sign Bourn, Hamilton, and Greinke at the Winter Meetings. Not like that would matter much to the Nationals as anyone in a Marlins uniform plays like an all-star against them.

For the complete schedule please follow this link to the Nats home page, and you can form your own thoughts about the Nats 2013 schedule.   

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