Citizens of Natstown Welcomes Nationals 101!

We're very excited to announce the addition of Nationals 101 to the Citizens of Natstown Network of Podcasts. For anyone unfamiliar with the program, Nationals 101 is an intro to baseball as well as the Nationals organization hosted by Frank and Susan. It's a very well run and informative show without being pedantic. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll come away impressed; it took me all of one episode to I know that I had to get them to be a feature on Citizens of Natstown. 

As I've said from the start, we're always looking to add new talent and increase our offerings, Nationals 101 is a prime example of that. Follow the show on twitter @Nationals101 and you can find all prior episodes  by clicking the Nationals 101 link in the sidebar to the right.

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