Kevin Long: Miracle Worker?

Understandably new manager Davey Martinez has been grabbing all of the headlines this spring. Bringing camels to camp all in service of a hump day joke will do that. However, the new coach I’m most interested in is Kevin Long, the hitting coach.

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Citizens of Natstown Podcast Episode 162

O'Hara and TJ are back to discuss the non-renewal of Dusty Baker's contract, the signing of Dave Martinez, the potential coaching staff, what holes the Nats have to fill in the coming offseason, and more!

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Night Terrors and Day Drinking: The Self Inflicted Trauma of Being a DC Sports Fan Part 13

How 2016 went down and all the teams suffered in their usual ways with the Redskins and Wizards failing to reach the playoffs and the Nationals and Capitals suffering early exits is remarkable in how unremarkable it all was. No one was choked in a dugout, there were no guns pulled in the locker room, and even the Redskins seemed drama free for the first time in forever. Then the off-season would come about and the Redskins would prove they can’t even fire a GM properly but as they have continued to not be an embarrassment in other ways that hasn’t mattered as much. It’s faded from the headlines and the Redskins are slowly but surely becoming just another football team. How long that will last is unclear, but it is the case right now and perhaps it will still be the case when 2017 is over. It is doubtful that it will be forever. Dan Snyder is eventually going to have to make his presence felt and that has never gone well.

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Night Terrors and Day Drinking: The Self Inflicted Trauma of Being a DC Sports Fan Part 12

It takes a few things to make a loss truly heartbreaking and worthy of being mentioned as a typical DC sports loss. I’ve said before that it’s hard for the Wizards because there’s LeBron James and before him there was Michael Jordan and in between those two there was Shaq and Kobe. More than any other league the NBA is a league of stars. The team with the biggest star in the sport typically wins. There are occasional upsets like the 2005 Detroit Pistons who were simply the best put together team that might have ever existed. In theory the Wizards could achieve that with Wall, Beal, and Porter but they need two more players at about that same level. Which is really hard to do, and so as long as LeBron in the East and the Warriors in the West exist not much will be expected from the Wizards in the playoffs.

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Night Terrors and Day Drinking: The Self Inflicted Trauma of Being a DC Sports Fan Part 11

Matt Williams, Adam Oates, and Bruce Allen all bungled their way through 2014. Oates was let go after that season while Matt Williams got to keep his job for one more and Bruce Allen is still around because he’s a loyal lapdog to Dan Snyder. Might as well rename him Vinny Cerrato II. As long as Bruce Allen does the boss’s bidding he’s going to stay around in DC. 2014 gave us playoff losses by the Wizards and Nationals, the Capitals missing the playoffs for the first time in several seasons, and Bruce Allen uttering the phrase winning off the field while the Redskins did anything but. I think by now you’re getting the picture of what it’s like to be a DC sports fan but there is still more fun to come. If you consider choking an MVP and blowing more 3-1 series leads to be fun.

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